1st Grade Report v Penrith

Penrith have scored points against very good teams this season and having all but beaten Parramatta the week before, we were certainly no complacent about last Saturdays fixture, particularly when we had taken our home game to the foot of the mountains.


With four changes to our forward pack, it was clearly a case of keeping things simple and building pressure that would deliver the desired result and after 10 minutes, that is exactly what happened with the first of six first half tries. The backs were direct and demonstrated good short passing skills as they continually threatened Penrith’s defensive line.


Whilst heavy rain had been forecast, the bright sunshine and warmth produced a fast paced game which saw our backrow thrive in the conditions.


Whilst we did make mistakes, the first half was very pleasing and at 40 nil after 40 minutes, we were keen to maintain the rage but alas, Penrith had other ideas.


The locals started well after we conceded the kick off and a penalty and shortly after Penrith caught us embarrassingly short on a wide blind side from a scrum on our line. Suddenly the Penrith defense had more starch about it and we lost the pressure and control that we had applied in the first half.


We did manage to over the line again however only to turnover on attack and shortly after, Penrith went the other end and scored their second try of the match. At this point, we had a point to prove, that we were a serious contender and that we were going to get the job done that we came to do and so the boys got back to basics and managed to score two more tries to close out the match and importantly, finish strongly.


Credit to Penrith for their come back and their hospitality on the day. We now move into a critical period in the season and a home game played away at Warringah this Sat night 7pm.

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Posted on Friday, 26 May 2017


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